Engraving Techniques

There are several ways to engrave glass and a variety of tools and materials may be used separately or in conjunction:

COPPER WHEEL LATHE where the glass is presented to the wheel which can be changed in diameter and width, depending on the shape of the cut required. The final result gives a fairly deep cut and a rounded 3D effect to the engraving.

HAND-HELD STYLUS OR SCRIBE containing diamond or tungsten carbide sharpened to a point which will produce a fine line (linear engraving) or dot (stipple engraving).

ELECTRICALLY DRIVEN HAND-HELD DRILL used with interchangeable stone wheels and diamond burs. This method can produce both lightly engraved and deep intaglio (3D effect) engraving.

ACID ETCH where hydrofluoric acid is applied to areas which have not been protected with a resist. The final result is a smooth matt finish.

GRIT BLAST (sand blast), where areas not protected with a mask are eroded using different grades of grit, to give differing depths and textures.



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