Commission Engraved Glass

Check that you like style of engraving I undertake, and that the price range suits the type and size of commission you have in mind, before making your decision.

The glass canvas
I do hold limited glass for engraving, but can obtain a wide variety of glass, which would require 3 weeks notice for delivery of the glass.
Please note that not all types of glass are suitable for engraving. I cannot guarantee how the engraving will look on glass not provided by me.

The design
Before discussing the design itself with me, assemble any photographs or other information you may have which can act as reference, or as inspiration, for the subject matter. If lettering is to be included, I require a typed copy of the inscription required to avoid uncertainty about spelling or phrasing.

Cost of the project
Have a budget in mind and discuss it with me, so that I can work within your cost limitations. When I have a clear idea of what is required, I will be able to give an estimate. A fixed quotation, will be given when the design has been agreed, a 20% deposit requested before engraving comences.

Engraving is a time-consuming process. Please give me as much time as possible to complete the commission, a minimum of 2 months for the actual engraving. If you have a date by which the piece is required, make sure I know this from the beginning.

Examples of pricing
A bowl with engraving all around it, will have a starting price of £250. This depends on the size of the bowl and amount of engraving required.
A cullett with a design on both sides, will start from £200.

Sale of Exhibits
Glass on display with an * by the title can be purchased, contact Sandra for details.

Contact Sandra:


Tel: 01748 812062