Saturday, August 23, 2014

Welcome to the Homepage of Stuart Snaddon

“What am I up to...”

Working hard documenting a couple of new WCF projects. These are using WCF as a development platform and some of the techniques solve problems that were previously extremely difficult to find solutions for.

Also working hard to run in my Monster!

“Mini Library”

My mini library has grown a little more, with the introduction of a couple of rare Rudyard Kipling books, Life's Handicap (1891) and Many Inventions (1893).

“Virtual Earth and Microsoft Map Cruncher”

I've been fascinated with the geographical representation of data ever since seeing a "virtual Earth" demo running on a BBC Micro (I think) way back 1985. The demo showed the Earth filling the whole of the screen, and then proceeded to zoom show Europe...the United Kingdom...Wales...a town...a house...a window...and then a globe sitting in the window ...and then zoomed into the Earth. This went on and on is an endless loop and I never got bored watching it, this was incredible stuff for nearly 25 years ago!

The times have moved on and today we have several Microsoft tools that will take care of the hard work for us, Virtual Earth and Map Cruncher. Together, these two tools allow you to add a 4th dimension to a web application by allowing you to map a 2D image to a Virtual Earth map. It's as easy as selecting placemarks in your image that relate to landmarks on the Virtual Earth map. Once the image has been locked in place you can use Virtual Earth to display a map with the image overlayed. If you really want to be blown away then switch to 3D Virtual Earth!

To give you an idea of what this technology can be used for I've created a quick one page web application to geographically portray details of the 300 Spartans.

“Mobile Phones”

There's a lot of power tucked away inside these little devices, I'm sure there's more to them than just making phone calls.


Blog about things I find interesting.

I'm preparing some documentation samples of solutions to projects I've been involved with. These will demonstrate how technologies have been used effectively in the work place.
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